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Kuredu Island Resort, Maldives

I posted the below on the Kuredu sites, but I do feel the need to make some extra comment that does not necessarily needs to be posted in the official sites. Some of the regular guests are wondering why several of the staff members are leaving the resort in search of a new future. Before, during and after our visit in December we learned that many of the staff are quite disgruntled about the way things are going right now. Staff are not happy with the management, also there have been remarks of the staff only being on a limited salary whilst the jobs have become more demanding due to the lack of staff in the holiday period where the island sees an increase of guests. Whilst I fully understand that the current global situation has had a devastating effect on tourism and the Crown Champa organization has to be recognized for keeping the staff paid or partially paid during the time the island resorts were closed I can understand why many are not happy putting in extra efforts now while getting less in return. I do hope things will go back to normal soon and we can all put 2020 behind us and all it becomes will be a bad memory. To all the staff that have remained: hats off to you, thank you for being there for us. To the staff that has not returned yet: sorry we’ve missed you. To the new staff that will be starting: looking forward to seeing you. And last but not least: to the staff that have left and will not return: a massive thank you, we hope to meet up with you again, someday, somewhere. Happy holidays!

Below is what I posted on Facebook:

The time has once again arrived to say goodbye, this time however, I’d like to jot down a few additional words, a simple ‘thank you’ is just not sufficient. For us Kuredu started as a once in a lifetime thing but has turned into a steady item on our household’s annual calendar, we have become quiet 😇 multiple repeaters through the years. On our first return after 3 years our jaws dropped to the floor when the waiter at the restaurant recognized us immediately, welcomed us back ‘home’ and went off to get our drinks without asking us what they needed to be, he simply remembered. Simply amazing or had we maybe left him traumatized 3 years before?🤣 Guess not, he’s still our waiter to this day.When you become a repeat guest you will also get to know the people that live and work at Kuredu better, if you’re willing to make an effort that is. They are not simply ‘the people’ at the front desk, your waiter, your bartender, your buggy driver, your chef, the guy that cleans your room, these are real people with lives outside of work, they spend a long time away from their homes and families in the surrounding countries and local islands doing their best to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Social media makes it easier nowadays to get to know the staff and their families, we’ve seen weddings, babies being born and growing up over the years, we’ve been sent wonderful pictures of their homes and families where everyone is dressed in traditional outfits, simply amazing and absolutely magical. Thanking everyone personally is not possible because Facebook doesn’t let me tag the hundreds of people taking care of us. Besides, I would hate to forget to mention someone and make them feel offended. It’s not just the people you see, there are more staff you will never see, they go about their business behind the scenes making sure you have power, water, clean sheets and towels, make sure the island stays stocked (a runner these days is teepee I guess 😂), you name it, they take care of it.The Prodivers team have been absolutely great too, they will show you all the good spots around the atoll, they are also very good teachers for anyone that wants to get to experience the awesome underwater world. I did my PADI’s with them and enjoy the diving every time.Thank you everyone at Kuredu, past and present, and thank you Mr. Petre for creating this wonderful place, it has been yet another great stay, we hope to be able to keep returning here many times in the upcoming years. Thank you for adopting us into your family, we hold you dear to our hearts. Oh, and yes, behind our dark sunglasses there will be a tear or two as the seaplane takes off, it just happens every time.Happy holidays, see you soon!Gina Schmitz & Eric Brauns

Happy holidays!